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    " We want you to taste the experience of superior coffee¨


    • Strictly hard bean (SHB)" usually refers to coffee grown at altitude  higher than about 4,500 feet above sea level.
    • The High- Altitude makes the berries mature slowly, harder beans, allowing a concentration of rich flavors as chocolate, floral, sweet, nutty etc..  Read more about this our blog:  https://www.coffeesantoscostarica.com/blog/what-altitude-does-to-coffee-growth
    • Medium roast coffees allow you to taste the real flavours of the coffee.

    Special Reserve


    For coffee lovers who like strong coffee....

    • 100%Pure Arabica Coffee. SHB. Altitude 1400-1800
    • Medium Roast - Whole grain/ Ground.
    • Strong Coffee, Flavors Dark Chocolate, Citrus: lemon, blackberry.
    • Presentations of: 1 LB, 9OZ and 6.6 Pounds.
    • Package with degassing valve to keep freshness.

    Coffee Gourmet


    Rich in aroma and sweet

    • 100% Pure Arabica Coffee. SHB. Altitude 1400-1700
    • Medium Roast - Whole grain / Ground.
    • Sweet sugar cane, floral aromas coffee blossom, Chocolate. Mug balanced in acidity and body.
    • Presentations of: 1 LB, 12 OZ and 6.6 Pounds. 
    • Package with degassing valve to keep freshness.
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    We export green coffee or roast in the required quantities, we have all the logistics for it.

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    WE Connect International read more click here http://www.womenownedlogo.com/

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    SB Café Los Santos, began its journey into the world of coffee with its first coffee shop in 2009 in San José, Costa Rica. In our pursuit of delivering to you the best coffee possible. We found ourselves traveling to the Los Santos area known worldwide for its exquisite coffee of TARRAZÚ. This area is located in the preferred region for cultivation of Arabica coffee due to this climate and altitude. We gained

    a lot of knowledge from this region´s coffee culture through our travels. After falling in love with the coffee in TARRAZÚ with its unique aromas and distinct flavors, my family and I settled here in this privileged area. We now help keep up with the demands of coffee growers, and in particular to provide support to women entrepreneurs in all aspects of the coffee industry of Costa Rica. Our coffee sustains and supports most of the locally grown coffee and single origin.

    "We want you taste the experience of superior coffee¨



    Satisfy the needs of consumers with delivery, high quality coffee and services. With a complete sense of responsibility and dedicated to respecting the environment and contributing to coffee producing communities.



    Be a world leader in the distribution of coffee from TARRAZÚ.
    Innovating in our products and services while demonstrating our values of fairness, honesty, competence and transparency. Providing a responsible and profitable crop.


    We believe coffee is the drink that unites people all over the world to share quality time with a story. Even alone having that Perfect cup of coffee, will make the ideas and great thoughts Manifest easily.

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