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    Sindy V. Sevilla



    Sindy is an International Logistics Export, coffee cupper among other skills and knowledge that she has acquired working in the coffee industry. She is always in constant training or study. At present she is enrolled in management business courses at We Americas Accelerator with Thunderbird School of Global Management. Always searching to develop new channels that help the communities to integrate into the value chain. SB CAFÉ LOS SANTOS is also a proud member of We Connect International.


    "I like to take on challenges, and be a pioneer. Regardless of gender, I am a trailblazer. It is my determination that prevails in the first place. I work and invest with my local community, especially women and children. As in my case, I have learned that dreams have no limits, but fragrances, flavors and beautiful colors”

    Our Story

    Coffee with a Woman's touch..

        Growing up in Costa Rica in the 1980´s Sindy first met the Arabica coffee on the coffee plantations of the Tres Ríos Mountains, located on the outskirts of San José.

    Like many young girls in Central America in this period this way of life created an emotional bond between Sindy and nature, but also an honest and worthy way of making a living. The money she earned enabled her to buy books, uniforms and school supplies. By the age of nineteen years old she continued with the seasonal coffee harvest work and her education. But now she also did it for her two young children.


    By 2009, Sindy carried out one of her dreams of youth, she opens her first coffee shop and moved to the capital founding her own micro-enterprise and providing a better future for her family.


    In 2013 Sindy and her small family made the move to Los Santos area, this beautiful and picturesque mountain region world famous for its incredible Arabica coffee. Opening a café and convenience store with merchandise made locally from the community of Los Santos and of course the amazing coffee of Tarrazú, world-renowned coffee for the flavor and aromas this is because of the fertility of the soils of volcanic origin, its height and the perfect combination of dry and rainy season.

    After living there she discover unhappiness and irregularities in the community, she decides not to sit idly and ran for the seat of Councilwoman. Achieving this she organized her community to be the ones who determine and solve local needs and problems. It is here she becomes a minority leader and her voice is forged.


    By deciding to organize and improve local labor options for women, Sindy created a project of inclusive businesses in export coffee from Tarrazú, allowing the people of the community to contribute value to the supply chain. With a main focus on education and being an eco-friendly enabling the families of the communities to achieve a better quality of life.


    Our mission

    Satisfy the needs of consumers with the delivery, high quality coffee and the traceability. With a complete sense of responsibility and dedicated to respecting the environment and contributing to coffee producing communities.

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